High in the mountain country of New Hampshire is a wonderful vacation "find", called Storybook Inn & Suites. Steeped in the New England tradition of hospitality, this charming old Inn has a long and interesting past.

The main building is over 200 years old and was originally a small farmhouse, with new rooms being added almost yearly as the family size increased. The farm remained within the same family for several generations, even throughout the Civil War when Mt. Washington sons answered the call for volunteers.  The farmers saw two of their sons join the union army and go to war.  Unfortunately only one son returned.

Over time farming grew less lucrative, and the old homestead was turned into a boarding house.  The old farm house began providing housing to some of the first adventuresome tourists who arrived by stage coach to see Mt. Washington.  Eventually the old farm turned boarding house was sold to a lumber company that housed lumberjacks who cut timber in the Mt. Washington Valley.  There are still tales told about rugged lumberjacks and wild Saturday night parties.

After the lumberjacks left the Mt. Washington valley, the house remained vacant for many years until it caught the eye of the Clark family vacationing  from California. They fell in love with the Mt. Washington area and the old house. They decided to pursue a dream by turning the old house into an Inn. After moving from California, and after months of extensive and painstaking remodeling, Storybook Inn emerged, a great blend of old and new. 

The daughter of the Clark family married in 1955 and began the second generation of the family business.  The Filip family has been operating Storybook Inn & Suites ever since.  For the last 54 years, the inn and property have been continually renovated and expanded, including adding multiple buildings to compliment the original Inn.  Currently the third generation is building upon what the first two have established, and continue to improve and grow the business for the next generation. 

Though there have been a few name variations and new buildings added over the decades, the charm and hospitality of yesteryear remain constant at Storybook Inn & Suites.  Storybook Inn & Suites has its own little chapter in New England history, and although the guests no longer arrive by stage coach, they are still treated with the same old fashioned friendliness.

Storybook Inn & Suites    At the Junction of Rt. 16 & 302 N    Glen, New Hampshire
TEL: 603-383-6800    FAX: 603-383-4678    storybook